Couples and Relationships

Are you experiencing concerns in any of these areas?


  • What attributes and behaviors do I want in a partner?
  • How can I tell if they are the “right” person for me?
  • We’re thinking about getting engaged. What should we discuss?


  • How do we establish a household together?
  • Deciding instead of falling into behavior patterns when we live together.
  • Our relationship is really stressed out. We argue and fight a lot, or we don’t talk about anything.
  • What can we do to establish good communication between us
    • Handle differences of opinion without arguing or fighting
    • Make decisions in a fair and equitable way
    • Have more fun together
    • Be more spiritual with each other
    • Manage the kids behavior, money, and the household better


  • We couldn’t fix it. How do we decide if we should stay together?
  • We’ve decided to separate or get a divorce. What do we do now for ourselves and family?
  • How can I heal and begin a new life after divorce or separation from my partner?

Learn Processes that can help you:

  • Identify areas of your life that are giving you problems.
  • Identify the proper changes to make.
  • Develop your personal step by step action plan for successful life change.
  • Anticipate and overcome obstacles as you move towards your goals.
  • Determine your own personal definition of success and learn how to achieve it
  • Make yourself more available in your relationships
  • Transform your life by learning to listen to your own inner wisdom

Dr. Grace can help you discover ways to:

  • Remove blocks that keep you from getting what you want in life
  • Quiet your mind and focus on your goals
  • Live a happier, more fulfilled life
  • Discover the lessons life holds for you and how to grow with them

Using Traditional and Holistic techniques:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Methods
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Solution oriented planning sessions
  • Goal identification
  • Using your own intuition

Whether you are single, dating, engaged, married, or divorcing, Dr. Grace will help you define what is important to you in a partner, evaluate potential partners, and coach you through combining your lives. When relationships are not going well, she will help you evaluate your situation objectively and try proven techniques to see if the relationship can improve. If not she will coach you through separation, divorce, and recovery.

Dr. Grace believes that every relationship should be repaired if that is at all possible. However, when that fails, she is trained in Collaborative Divorce which focuses on doing what is best for the family when that difficult decision has been made.



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How do I know When it is Time to Leave?
Healing After a Divorce.



“We will always be grateful to Dr. Grace for helping us sort out our strengths and weaknesses as a couple, learn new ways to treat each other and still get our own needs met. After our counseling sessions we renewed our marriage vows and are now very happy in our new relationship.” Mr. and Mrs. P.T, patients


“Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for your unwaveringly wise guidance. I’m not sure how I would have made it through the last two years without your support as I went through my divorce and started a new life. The lessons you have taught me will serve me well all the rest of my life.” L.S. patient and High School Teacher