Depression and Anxiety

  • Do you feel sad and discouraged much of the time?
  • Do you feel guilty and disappointed in your life?
  • Are you irritable, argumentative or angry?
  • Do you feel like hurting yourself or someone else?
  • Do you feel guilty or like you are being punished?
  • Are you gaining or losing weight?
  • Having difficulty concentrating or working?
  • Can’t sleep or make decisions?
  • Lost interest in sex?
  • More worried about your health?
  • Serious relationship issues?
  • Do you have cold, sweaty, or shaky hands?
  • Tension or migraine headaches?
  • Excessive fatigue?
  • Difficulty with your digestive system?
  • Grinding your teeth?
  • Dizziness?
  • Tightness in your chest or heart?
  • Pounding heart?
  • A feeling of foreboding?
  • Fear of going to certain places?

If you said “yes” to even a few of these, then it is possible that you have a depression or an anxiety disorder. Due to the high levels of stress in our environment, it is possible for all of us to go through periods in our life where we feel overwhelmed and troubled about our lives. We may have difficulty functioning in the tasks of daily living, feel little or no joy in our lives, or struggle with feelings of being alone in the world. Depressed and anxious people may also have symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, compromised immune systems, irritable bowel syndrome, and muscular aches and pains. We become ill because of stress and unresolved emotional issues in our lives which produce biological changes in our bodies.

Dr. Grace helps clients process and release the emotions that cause depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress. She uses a variety of approaches, to help people release old wounds and traumas that are holding them back from experiencing a full and productive life. Meditation and relaxation training are additional tools Dr. Grace teaches so that after therapy you can continue to release stressful life events on your own.



“I came to Dr. Grace when I was very depressed, and chronically physically ill. She taught me about the mind, body, emotion, and spiritual connection and worked with me to help me see how they were connected in my particular situation. I never really knew how much stress could affect me. Dr. Grace helped me to get in touch with my own inner strength and wisdom and choose a new career which fit me much better. I am now employed in an exciting new career and totally healthy, emotionally and physically.” I.J. Patient

“Dr. Grace has been so wonderful at helping me get my life back on track and moving forward in a positive and motivated way. I had a severe anxiety problem and today I feel unafraid of life and ready for challenges because I now have the tools to handle whatever comes my way. If I look at where I was a year ago, I am absolutely amazed at where I am today, and I owe much of that to Dr. Grace!” S.C., patient and Business Coach

“Under Dr. Grace’s guidance in Hypnotherapy, I was able to change the ‘stories’ in my head from my childhood. Afterword they held no energy for me. Now I feel genuinely happy and good about myself, and my life. The new feelings are ‘just there’ I do not have to work to hold on to them as in other forms of therapy. I am hitting my ‘flow’ – I just draw wonderful people to me now automatically, and I am in tune with my intuition.” E.B. Patient

“Following one hypnotherapy session I was more relaxed and I noticed that some of the things that made me anxious before the session no longer did.” M.C. Patient