Holistic Hypnotherapy

Holistic Hypnotherapy is a unique and holistic form of hypnosis taught only to practicing Masters and Ph.D. level Mental Health professionals. It combines elements of Humanistic Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Behavior Modification Techniques, Traditional Hypnotherapy, and a Heart Centered Holistic Approach which is both brief and deeply healing to the patient. This specialized form of therapy follows a holistic approach and addresses issues involving the body, mind, emotions and spirit of each person. Dr. Grace participated in a five year training program to learn these special techniques. She as been using Holistic Hypnotherapy since 1998 to help her patients heal their lives.

Recurrent and unremitting problems that you experience in your life today are often due to some trauma that you previously experienced. Sometimes these experiences, such as, death of a loved one, divorce, a serious car accident, frequent moves as a child, or the end of a significant relationship are remembered at a conscious level. But often the trauma experienced during these events and others that we do not remember, is blocked from our memory to protect us from our pain. Because we do not remember we cannot heal ourselves. These past experiences and the traumas you have faced are housed in your subconscious. So in order to heal any problems you may be having in your current life, you need to revisit and heal those subconsciously held events.

Under the guidance of Dr. Grace, who is a highly trained professional in this approach, Holistic Hypnotherapy allows you to access the “source” of problems, reconnect with disowned parts of yourself, and heal your inner child. Once this is accomplished your behaviors are more likely to change so that you will be able to lead a happier, more relaxed and fulfilling life.

Holistic Hypnotherapy is helpful in many areas: stress reduction, weight loss, eating problems, fears, phobias, panic, Post Traumatic Stress, sexual difficulties, codependency, depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, mid life issues, addictions, spiritual growth, and discovering your life purpose.