Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic Psychotherapy assists you in resolving various life problems using an integrated mind, body, emotion, and spirit approach which facilitates swift and powerful changes.

Your mind is a very powerful generator of ideas, thoughts, and plans. The thoughts we have actually create our reality. Our beliefs generate our behavior, feelings, and the world around us. Dr. Grace helps clients to “rethink” what they want their world to look like and then change their behavior to create that new plan.

Body problems are created by stressful thoughts and feelings. And so we hear of people being so worried they develop ulcers, or someone being so sad that they develop depression. Stress comes from life pressures or life altering events that produce significant changes in body chemistry. These biochemical alterations lead to changes in the way our bodies function and often lead to a dis-ease process. Dr. Grace facilitates healing in the body by helping clients to change the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that develop the biochemical changes that produce physical problems.

Our emotions and feelings are the guideposts which give us messages about what to do and what not to do. Positive feelings tell us we are on the right track. While negative emotions give us a message about the need to change something in our lives. Often people’s past experiences, thoughts and belief systems cause them to develop strong inappropriate, subconscious reactions which keep them from attaining their desires in life. We learn to work to increase our positive feelings of joy, happiness and fulfillment so that our lives can feel positive and pleasant. But often we first need to work on eliminating the negative emotions of worry, hopelessness, and dissatisfaction in our lives that cause us to be in emotional, spiritual, or physical pain.

It is our spiritual belief system that is the overriding guide to how we view what is happening to us. Many people do not have a fully developed spiritual sense of who they are. Dr. Grace helps people explore their current spiritual belief system and discover the “spiritual wisdom” that exists inside all of us. This process is often not included in traditional approaches, but is frequently the key to helping a person develop a strong sense of serenity and peace in their life. Recent developmental research tells us that our spirituality changes over our lifetime and that it is natural to become much more spiritual after midlife.

Dr. Grace uses mind, body, emotional and spiritual techniques. Some of those include: Psychotherapy, Couples Coaching, Parent Training, Holistic Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Relaxation, Guided Imagery, and Releasing Negative Emotions.



“I came to Dr. Grace when I was very depressed, and chronically physically ill. She taught me about the mind, body, emotion, and spiritual connection and worked with me to help me see how they were connected in my particular situation. I never really knew how much stress could affect me. Dr. Grace helped me to get in touch with my own inner strength and spiritual wisdom and choose a new career which fit me much better. I am now employed in an exciting new career and totally healthy, emotionally and physically.” I.J. Patient


“Thanks for helping me take my life to the next wonderful level!” L.K. patient