Experiencing Your Inner Wisdom

There is a great deal of research documenting that meditation practices can help us have a happier and healthier life. Famous researchers in this area include Herbert Benson at Harvard – The Relaxation Response, Jon-Kabat Zinn – Mindfulness Stress Reduction, and Dean Ornish – Heart Research Studies. Meditation produces profound changes in body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Some of these include:

Physical Changes:

  • Lowers blood pressure, heart rate
  • Lowers cholesterol, metabolism rate
  • Reduces intensity of pain
  • Provides quicker recovery from physical stress
  • Relaxes muscles

Mental Changes:

  • Stronger focus, clarity, concentration
  • Clearer thinking, less turmoil
  • Greater creativity
  • Increases self-understanding/acceptance
  • Cultivates positive mind states such as: patience, kindness, forgiveness, empathy clarity.
  • Helps you live in and enjoy the present moment

Emotional Changes:

  • Reduces tension, anxiety, stress
  • Reduces feelings of sadness and grief
  • Produces greater feelings of peace, calmness
  • Leads to more joy, happiness, love, compassion

Spiritual Changes:

  • Deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life
  • Awakens you to the spiritual dimensions of your being
  • Produces a feeling of union with the Divine

In addition, there are such changes as enhanced performance at work and play, making friends with yourself, connecting more deeply with others, feeling centered, calm, grounded, balanced, and being able to withstand stresses more easily.

Dr. Grace has had extensive training in Meditation and Altered State experiences. She teaches meditation classes on regular basis and instructs individuals in how to use altered states of being from many traditions to enhance their lives.