“Dr. Grace provides ‘exemplary therapeutic services.‘ Former Head of Child Psychiatric Unit at Loyola Doyle Clinic.


“Dr. Barbara Grace is a very special woman and an excellent speaker and therapist. I met her while attending a series of Parenting Seminars she sponsored and led. She really knew her material and would leave us feeling positive and with a homework assignment after each session. I especially enjoyed her style of feedback and teaching. Dr. Grace is calm, matter of fact, finds humor in life, relates well, and opened my mind to new possibilities. She stays current in her field and is open to new ideas and ways of approaching things. My family and personal life have been greatly enriched by my experiences with her.” J.R. Mother


“I have heard Dr. Grace speak on several occasions and most recently at The Barrington Area of Professional Women’s monthly meeting. She spoke about how our lives have changes since 9-11 and the recent wars. Dr. Grace was very informative and spoke with authority and knowledge in a presentation style that is relaxed and friendly. She is an excellent communicator and a pleasure to listen to. With her wide range of topics, knowledge and her professionalism, Dr. Grace always leaves and excellent impression.” K.F. Business Woman and Feng Shui Professional


“Dr. Grace has been so wonderful at helping me get my life back on track and moving forward in a positive and motivated way. I had a severe anxiety problem and today I feel unafraid of life and ready for challenges because I now have the tools to handle whatever comes my way. If I look at where I was a year ago, I am absolutely amazed at where I am today, and I owe much of that to Dr. Grace!” S.C., patient and Business Coach


“Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for your unwaveringly wise guidance. I’m not sure how I would have made it through the last two years without your support as I went through my divorce and started a new life. The lessons you have taught me will serve me well all the rest of my life.” L.S. patient and High School Teacher


“You keep up the good work because you are doing soul work.” B.R. patient


“I highly recommend Dr. Barbara Grace whom I have known since 1986 as a colleague and friend. She has the highest integrity and competence in traditional psychotherapy as well as complimentary and alternative methods. I have great confidence in her skills and experience.” Susan Wisehart, LMFT, School Psychologist, Author


“I talked to one of Dr. Grace’s client’s yesterday and I have never heard such a well substantiated testimonial of a psychologist – ever – and I have known a lot of them and in my work have talked to many of those who have been in therapy. I am impressed!” P.P. Aromatherapist


“Thanks for helping me take my life to the next wonderful level!” L.K. patient


“Under Dr. Grace’s guidance in Hypnotherapy, I was able to change the ‘stories’ in my head from my childhood. Afterword they held no energy for me. Now I feel genuinely happy and good about myself, and my life. The new feelings are ‘just there’ I do not have to work to hold on to them as in other forms of therapy. I am hitting my ‘flow’ – I just draw wonderful people to me now automatically, and I am in tune with my intuition.” E.B. Patient


“Dr. Grace spoke to our Preschool Program parents and those attending had many positive comments. They stated that she was a great speaker, gave short, to the point hints which were very helpful, and I liked her easygoing attitude. We look forward to having Dr. Grace speak with us again.” M.T. Library Programming Assistant


“Dr. Grace gave our group of elementary and middle school parents some very practical advice and strategies which we could take home and begin implementing immediately. Thank you.” E.N. Parents Association


“Following one hypnotherapy session I was more relaxed and I noticed that some of the things that made me anxious before the session no longer did.” M.C. Patient


“I came to Dr. Grace when I was very depressed, and chronically physically ill. She taught me about the mind, body, emotion, and spiritual connection and worked with me to help me see how they were connected in my particular situation. I never really knew how much stress could affect me. Dr. Grace helped me to get in touch with my own inner strength and wisdom and choose a new career which fit me much better. I am now employed in an exciting new career and totally healthy, emotionally and physically.” I.J. Patient


“Dr. Grace recently spoke to a group of parents at the Barrington Sylvan Learning Center on how to improve their child’s study habits. She had parents totally engaged in her discussion, answering questions and offering excellent and practical advice for them. Parents commented on how they appreciated Dr. Grace’s insights and direction. They are now using her techniques at home for quality homework time.” S.P., Director


“Dr. Grace is an extremely competent presenter. She is thoroughly prepared, manages her time well, provides useful handouts, and involves the audience during her presentations. I highly recommend her as a speaker on a variety of psychological, parenting, spiritual and life management topics.” L.G. President, Barrington Area Professional Women.


“Dr. Barbara Grace has come to the Parents Group of The Barrington Chapter of the National Association for the Mentally Ill several times to describe the brain physiology issues of those with Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, etc. Class evaluations were “outstanding” with comments such as – I learned more from Barbara in one hour about why my son has these issues than I did in years of trying to ask my son’s doctors about his condition.” Maryrose Peters, Barrington NAMI


“I was in a serious car accident which left me physically injured and with post traumatic stress that made it impossible for me to afterwords. After a single Hypnotherapy session with Dr. Grace, I was able to enjoy the view out the car windows. I am very grateful and so is my family.” Patient