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M.A. Psychology, Northern Illinois University, 1976
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Counselors, and Therapist, 12 Hours, 2006
Psychodrama, Personal Training Intensive, Wellness Institute,
Issaquah, Washington, 128 Hours. 2008
Mentorship Program, Continuing Education, Wellness Institute,
96 Hours, 2009
Licensed Clinical Psychologist – State of Illinois
School Psychologist
Former Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Member National Register of Health Services Providers in Psychology
Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Emotional Release Therapist
Certified in Collaborative Divorce Process
Ordained Minister, Church of Wisdom, Florida

Illinois School Psychologists Association
Barrington Parent Networking Program
Mental Health Practitioners of Lake County
Barrington Social Services Network
Alliance of Barrington Communities for Drug Education (also Vice-Chair)

Barrington Youth Services (4 years)
National Association for the Mentally Impaired (NAMI) 1995 to Present

Self-Employed in Private Practice, 8/81 to Present
School Psychologist and Special Education Administrator in
Elementary and High Schools 6/79 to 8/84

American Psychological Association
American Association of Behavior Therapy
Association for Behavioral Analysis
Illinois School Psychologist Association (Founding Member)
National Association of School Psychologists
Association for Humanistic Psychology
Wellness Institute

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Illinois Psychological Association, Dissertation: Allocation of Teaching Time, 1979
Illinois School Psychological Association, Internship Supervision, 1980
Collaborative Law Association of Illinois, Understanding and Managing Mental
Health Issues in Collaborative Divorce and Mediation, 2008.

Traditional Psychotherapy with adults, adolescents, and children
Cognitive, Behavioral, Gestalt, Teaching techniques
Hypnotherapy for Adults to resolve Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Co-dependency
Couples counseling: Premarital, Marital, Divorcing, Parenting Issues.
Divorce Coaching regarding process of children, co-parenting
Collaborative Divorce: a cooperative alternative to the court room.
Evaluations with Children, adolescents, young adults, and adults to diagnose
academic, emotional, motivational problems and brain disorders
Parenting skills training (child management) for children birth thru 21
Crisis intervention
Meditation Class Instructor, Adult Education, Barrington High School
Mind-Body-Spirit Class Instructor, Adult Education, Barrington High School
Workshops, inservices, and seminars to parents, professionals, and teachers. See
Speeches and Workshops for a list of presentations.
Consultation services to Community and Professional Organizations

Depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, emotional disorders, behavior problems of childhood and adolescence, Attention Deficit Disorder, Parenting skills training, school related issues, addictions, codependency, eating disorders, weight loss, stress reduction, couple counseling, divorce, remarriage, premarital counseling, family of origin issues, spiritual issues, personal growth, spiritual development, mind-body-spirit approaches.


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